Jardin town tour

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Jardin town tour

Jardin town

This town is at 134km from the city of Medellin. In 1860 comes the first settler to this area, is responsible for putting the name of this town garden because of its abundance of water and amount of vegetation that make this town look like a real garden. Its main economic activities are agriculture, livestock, tourism, farming and crafts.

The Park

The Park: Known as "El Libertador" was declared a National Monument in 1985. Built in stone and rocks, the park is full of flowers and trees. Park Harmony is achieved by a balance of its components: Architecture, footpaths, xx, and an ongoing relationship with the natural landscape. The park is for tourists and residents forced the meeting place, the place to hang out, people watch, celebrate and enjoy the beauty of the place.

What Jardin tour includes?

  • Mini chiva tour
  • Horseback to Cueva del Esplendor (6 hours)
  • Overnight in a coffee farm
  • breakfast
  • lunches

Services (included in price)

  • Food and BeverageBreakfast
  • Coffee / Tea
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Spoken languages: English, Spanish
  • Overnight Guest house
Other services :Insurance

What to bring: Comfortable shoes, Warm clothes, Sun protection, Insect repellent, sunglasses and camera

The Museum

The Museum House of Culture "Cesar Rojas Peláez Moses": It is located in the square and divided into two parts: an old building traditional housing prototype Antioquia. On the other side of the house there is a modern building which houses the library

The church

The church has a Gothic style and built entirely hand carved stone. Its two towers and crosses, are aluminum. It occupies an area of 1680 meters Has Two church bells manufactured in Hamburg Germany. 900 bulbs to illuminate the interior, three iron gates of 5 meters. The construction of the church began in 1872, this church today is declared heritage of humanity

Visit candy factory

In the factory we may know the manufacturing process, this way of making sweets passed on from generation to generation for many years, this ensures we produce high quality 100% handmade. In this factory tour can taste a variety of sweets.

Visit "La Truchera"

is lunchtime and you yourself will be responsible for getting your own food. In the trout you can see everything related to the cultivation of the "rainbow trout" its name from the variety of colors it has. This fish are exported throughout the world and is known for their delicious taste.

Visit "La Garrucha"

Is a telesfetic made in craft. It is a flexible transportation alternative for residents. this place is one of the main places to visit because it shows the history of the people and the creativity of its inhabitants. At the top of the mountain you hall delight yourself with the spectacular view of Jardin.