Guatape Penol tour

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Peñol-Guatape town tour


It is a monolith 220 of meters with more than 65 million years. Located in Guatapé, the monolit is composed of quartz, feldspar and mica, was first climbed by Luis Eduardo Villegas in 1954, now you can climb by a staircase of 639 steps. On top of this gigantic rock you can appreciate the magnitude of water wealth

Peñol-Guatape town

Surprise yourself! with this spectacular landscape of mountains and water just 69 km from Medellin, this beautiful landscape is called by the Paisas "internal sea of Antioquia" this natural scenery created by Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) in 1970, The project consisted of flooding 2.262 hectares of firm land, to develop this was necessary to move the town, this change produced change in social and economic aspects giving new opportunities in tourism and leaving the agriculture in a second plane.

Today tourism plays an important role in this region because these habitants was move to generate income in the agricultural and livestock sector to the tourism sector, hotel services, restaurants and tourism has changed the lives of these people, increasing their purchasing power and quality of life.

What Peñol-Guatape tour includes?

  • Transport
  • Typical snacks in marinilla ( empanada, pasteles, fruits, juice and mansanilla tea)
  • Visit the Peñol (Being one of the biggest monolites of the world
  • Continue our journey to the enchanting town of Guatape for a typical lunch
  • Boat trip
  • All day tour
Duration: 10 hours What to bring: Comfortable shoes, sunglasses and camera


The Zocalos are one of the most representative cultural elements of this region, the first Zocales were made in the early years of the twentieth century to decorate the facades of the houses, people today have continued to decorate their homes with this method referring to their culture and history. One of the most representative was the memory lane.


To create this great dam of 2,262 hectares was necessary to mobilize the population to a new header town, leaving under water the old town which was the urban center of more than 200 years, the old site is called Viejo Peñol, if you traveling by boat you can can see the dome of the church. This dam is ideal for water sports


In commemoration of the city was submerged under water, they built a replica of the old village chapel, hall and other buildings that existed there before creating the dam.