Hi, we are Burrotek Tours Medellin

We are a tourism operator with bilingual guide. Our Tours are an adventure in harmony with nature and an unforgettable experience. Burrotek tours Medellin want to meet the needs of foreign and domestic tourists while protecting and preserving natural and cultural resources offered by the department of Antioquia.

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Cra 46B No.74s 30 Medellin

Representante legal John Vallejo Z.

Things to do

Aside from nightlife and dining, do not leave Medellin without exploring the nature that sorrounds the city. Burrotek tours leads day trips into the mountains on horseback as well as trips outside of the city limits to nearby Guatape

Burrotek Tourism and nature

To Burrotek Tours is very important respect, responsibility and kindness to both our customers and the environment. We have the right people to guide and instruct our clients anywhere in the world, the importance and responsibility we have as human beings to care for Mother Earth. At the same time enjoying the natural and cultural spaces that offer municipalities surrounding Medellin.

Tourism is having a very rapid growth and we must prepare to meet the high demands of tourism, considering the more specific needs of foreigners visiting our country. This way we can be leaders in tourism nationwide